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Dr. Amit Chavan

MDS Periodontology & Implantology

Dr. Amit Chavan is the driving force behind the establishment and functional balance for SmileAGAIN Dental Clinic. His dynamism and treatment philosophy has always been comprehensive, aesthetic, minimally invasive and a pain-free approach to common dental problems. Inherent to this is his ability to teach his patients the causes of their dental disease and ways that we can eliminate future problems. He enjoys all areas of general dentistry and specialises in treating your gum problems like bleeding gums, gummy smile, receding gums or your teeth has become mobile even if you are not having any decay or if you are suffering from most embarrassing problem of bad breath. He further specializes in dental LASERs and IMPLANTOLOGY, striving hard to consistently provide his patients with an up-to-date qualitycare and service that exceeds their expectations. He believes in developing a strong partnership with each of his patients and works closely with you to obtain optimum dental health.

Dr. Dhruti Raut Chavan

Prosthetic Dentistry & Cosmetics

Dr. Dhruti is the light that emphases the twinkle over SmileAGAIN Dental Clinic and she is a strong support to its smooth functioning. She is currently extensively preparing herself in the field of Dental Prosthetics and Cosmetics, fulfilling her role as a dentist to keep herself up-to-date with the latest trends and advances in dentistry. She is one of the most innovative dentists dedicated to achieving the best, healthiest, functional and most beautiful smiles for her patients. Not only is she committed to the highest level of dentistry, but she has dedicated herself to mastering the latest and best in dental aesthetic and smile designing.

Dr. Dhruti believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. She will work with you, until you are satisfied with your smile, because your satisfaction with your smile is her motivating factor. In her work, her creativity plays an important role. Using the newest technology, she gives her patients smiles that are truly theirs, and stay true to their overall symmetry.To her, every problem can, and will be solved efficiently and creatively. She brings strength to our office by her ability to see other people's point of view. In the office, Dr. Dhruti is the motivator, with the gift of being able to influence others in positive ways. She is constantly inspiring her team to do better, fully understanding that a healthy and happy team makes for a better and more welcoming working environment.

Dr. Pravin Kshirsagar

BDS Specialised in Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Kshirsagar has been setting the highest standards of excellence in Restorative Dentistry for over 30 years, and is magnanimously contributing to dental health services for the betterment of the patients. A highly dedicated and skilled professional, he is always eager to share his expertise with the younger professionals. He is persistently working hard towards training and guiding newer & younger Dentists as well as Dental staff personells. With his paramount epoch of dental expertise he has contributed extensively in building up a well organised dental system for many the dental clinics. A True mentor and a guiding light in the path of progress.

Dr. Deepali Zope

Dr. Deepali graduated from Govt. Dental College in the year 2005 with a Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery.

Dr. Deepali has had extensive managerial experience in the dental field for over eight years, and takes pride in her professionalism and people-centred focus in serving our patients. She fits right into the routine of the office as she continuously educates herself in the fields of practice management, healthcare updates and patient relations. She genuinely enjoys working with our patients, and maintains an excellent rapport with them equipping you with the right knowledge to minimize your future risks of problems, and finding a preventive plan that will work for you. She has an enthusiasm for learning new things. She strongly believes in reciprocity: that we should always do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. This is a principle that she lives by.

Dr. Rupashree Shetty

Dr. Rupashree Shetty is favourite among patients because of her welcoming smile and sublime approach.

As an experienced dental surgeon for the last five years, she is highly skilled in diagnosing & treating general dental problems. She is responsible for learning and implementing our latest technologies such as our digital radiography Lasers. She is in charge of making sure patients are properly prepped for advanced treatment; and ensuring that the patient's experience in the operatory is a smooth and comfortable one.

She genuinely enjoys working with patients, and her highlight is seeing them smile, or being able to make them laugh, often helping them forget they are sitting in a dental chair. Patients appreciate her gentle hands and customized treatment, tailored to meet each individual's needs.

Thank you for all the hard work you have done for my dental treatment. I can smile any time & eat anything any time now. Thanks for considering my age. As a retired senior citizen this has helped me a lot. I really appreciate you and think you're a wonderful doctor.

I would once again like to thank you and Dr. Dhruti along with entire team at Smile Again Dental Clinic for the excellent treatment and support. Thanks again.
Jayantilal Kenia
Good Hospitality, High Technology Equipments, Excellent Job. My Sister Got Her Treatment by Dr.Rupashree. She Is Quite Satisfied. No Hidden Price.
Mehmooda Quereshi (USA)
I visited this clinic three times. I felt its good, clean and staff is very friendly. Now I am fully satisfied with the doctor and I am happy with my tooth treatment.
Rahul Sharma
Friendly doctors, very understanding. Makes the patient relax and then follow their procedures. Promised me the most minimal pain and that's the way they did it. Got 5 of my teeth cured, going with the happy feeling that now I will have pain free teeth and can prevent my teeth from further decays.

Lovely Doctors as well as very pretty.

Thank You. Shall come again.
Kainoor Mistry