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Testimonials - Domestic

मी दोन तीन डॉक्टरांचे सजेशन घेतले पण मला माझ्या मुलाचे म्हणजे समर साठी ते योग्य वाटले नाही. नंतर मी नेट वर पाहिले व स्माईल अगेन मध्ये माझ्या मैत्रीणीने फोन केला व चौकशी केली . नंतर मला स्माईल अगेन मधून फोन आला व मी ईथे आले व मला इथे त्याची treament योग्य होईल असे वाटले .व उपचारासाठी मी तयार झाले. इथले स्टाफ व डॉक्टर खूप छान आहेत त्यांनी खूप कोऔरडीनेट केले .त्यांचे खूप आभार.
सौ. श्रावणी गणेश जाधव

I had a wonderful experience in Smile Again dental Clinic. Doctors and staff are very caring and loving. I would definitely recommend Smile Again.
Neetha Thomas
It is no exaggeration that all the doctors at did an excellent job on my teeth. I must commend both Amit and Dhruti for treating me like their father, and taking care of me during all the dental procedures on me. No words of thanks are adequate for them. For me, the diverse dentistry work done on me at was almost painless, occasional minor hiccups notwithstanding. Dr. Kshirsagar and Dr. Mahurkar deserve all praise for their admirable work. Dr. Mahurkar especially did much laudable task of implants. I owe him my gratitude...
Madhoo Pavaskar
Director - Financial Technologies (India) Limited
Excellent Treatment, very courteous, clean, sophisticated & excellent service. I am very pleased by their treatment and will be permanent client whenever I visit India. Thank You so much.
Frennie Fitter