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Testimonials - Domestic

मी दोन तीन डॉक्टरांचे सजेशन घेतले पण मला माझ्या मुलाचे म्हणजे समर साठी ते योग्य वाटले नाही. नंतर मी नेट वर पाहिले व स्माईल अगेन मध्ये माझ्या मैत्रीणीने फोन केला व चौकशी केली . नंतर मला स्माईल अगेन मधून फोन आला व मी ईथे आले व मला इथे त्याची treament योग्य होईल असे वाटले .व उपचारासाठी मी तयार झाले. इथले स्टाफ व डॉक्टर खूप छान आहेत त्यांनी खूप कोऔरडीनेट केले .त्यांचे खूप आभार.
सौ. श्रावणी गणेश जाधव

Visiting a dentist was my greatest fear, specially extraction and root canal treatment. I really wasted my time by not coming here earlier!
My friend recommended me to 'Smile Again'. I was put at ease by the doctors and half my fear was over in the first interview.
I had extractions done and all the treatment was painless even after extraction.
Roda Pardiwala
I visited Smile Again with recommendation from my relative and I am glad I visited them. I was skeptical about how the clinic will be. I was not aware of the cleanliness they had. I am from USA and was very impressed with the cleanliness; friendliness of staff and the subject knowledge. Doctor was knowledgeable and explained the problem in simple layman's term. I will be happy to recommend any of my friends visiting from states.
Prakash Jaju (USA)
Good Clinic, co-operative dentist and excellent service. Over all Clinic is sufficient to come for any teeth treatment. Thanks.
Shweta Pawar
This clinic has pampered me and taken care of my dental problems very gently. Actually I was convinced by the doctors approach. Dr. Amit made me feel very comfortable during the whole process. Dr. Dhruti & Dr. Deepali both treated me with my fear in mind. (which only remained there without effect)

I was also impressed to see small children walking in to Dr's. cabin by themselves without their parents & came out with smile. This was like miracle for me. God bless the whole team & keep up the good work. Thanking you.
Rekha Wani