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Testimonials - Domestic

मी दोन तीन डॉक्टरांचे सजेशन घेतले पण मला माझ्या मुलाचे म्हणजे समर साठी ते योग्य वाटले नाही. नंतर मी नेट वर पाहिले व स्माईल अगेन मध्ये माझ्या मैत्रीणीने फोन केला व चौकशी केली . नंतर मला स्माईल अगेन मधून फोन आला व मी ईथे आले व मला इथे त्याची treament योग्य होईल असे वाटले .व उपचारासाठी मी तयार झाले. इथले स्टाफ व डॉक्टर खूप छान आहेत त्यांनी खूप कोऔरडीनेट केले .त्यांचे खूप आभार.
सौ. श्रावणी गणेश जाधव

Visiting a dentist was my greatest fear, specially extraction and root canal treatment. I really wasted my time by not coming here earlier!
My friend recommended me to 'Smile Again'. I was put at ease by the doctors and half my fear was over in the first interview.
I had extractions done and all the treatment was painless even after extraction.
Roda Pardiwala
I did Smile Makeover from SMILE AGAIN..I would say the name of Dental Clinic is really awesome because one really can "Smile Again" after treatment. Basically I am from film Industry and it was creating a major problem for me at the time of shoot mainly during close-up scenes, the spacing between my teeth was visible.. Thanks to SMILE AGAIN .Now after my SMILE MAKEOVER with laminates I can confidently "SMILE AGAIN".
Priyanka Shirke
I had a problem in my tooth for a very long time, so I had looked up for a dentist online and found out about Smile Again Clinic and Dr. Shetty. On my first visit itself I felt very comfortable. The treatment went very smoothly. And I haven't had any issues after the treatment . the staff is very friendly here. the doctors are good and experienced. Overall good experience.

Good luck for future to Dr. Shetty, Dr. Amit and Dr. Dhruti and the staff.
Manasvini Mathur
I am really glad to be giving feedback to the Smile Again group. This is my 5th or 6th visit to the clinic. Inspite of the distance of this clinic from my home & office, I prefer coming here for all my dental work for several reasons. The staff is very friendly & professional. They honor time & are pretty proactive about reminding patients regarding appointments. Very approachable and helpful. Dr. Rupashree who has treated me last couple of times is sincere sensitive and has a good hand. I should also commend the entire team of doctors including Dr.Amit...
Priti Pendharkar
Architect in Perkins Eastman